Our proposed modification of survival analysis (SSEv) is a tool that rapidly evaluates the differences between two small sampled groups, calculating probabilities to empower the results. The convergence of the curves illustrate the differences between the compared groups. The tool is feasible for cross-sectional and case-control studies, as well as repeated measures design.

For small sized samples,rare diseases, sparce data, etc please enter your plain data.
For multicentric studies, animal or cell culture studies etc) enter the mean of each center/ experiment/ plate or vial) in each comparing group column.

In the output you will find:

  • Plot
  • Log rank test calculated probability
  • Effect size Hedge's g (corrected estimator for small samples)

If you intend to use results obtained with SSEv, please cite our publication:

Geronikolou, S., Zimeras, S. (2017). SSEv: A New Small Samples Evaluator Based on Modified Survival Curves. Adv Exp Med Biol 989, 265-270.

This is a web interface of comp() and cohen.d() commands of the survMisc and effsize R packages, respectively, implemented by Dr Ioannis Michalopoulos